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    Call Of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 – Eastern Finals Happening This Weekend

    Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship 2021 Presented by Sony – Western and Eastern Finals are just around the corner! 24 of the world’s top teams will compete in respective Eastern and Western tournaments in December, competing for a share of the US$1,000,000 prize pool and the championship title in each tournament.

    Teams in the Eastern Finals will be divided into 2 groups in the Finals. All matches will be played in a single round-robin structure and Best-of-5 (BO5) format on the first day. Following this, the top 2 teams from each group will advance to the grand finals on a subsequent day and will compete in a double-elimination format for the coveted championship. The Eastern Finals will be taking place this coming weekend at 14:00 (GMT+8) on 11 and 12 December.

    Teams and players participating in the Eastern Finals:
    Southeast Asia (Garena Region)
    ALMGHTY – Sh4d4p, Adapt, Heaven, IrfanJ, incendió
    Blacklist International Ultimate – Tin, Kensh1, Eiji, F1ex, JaBen
    DG Esports – Zenツ, Venom, Jetsky, Ehann, Zeze, Jeff
    Douyu Gaming – nono, Sama, JIE, QingFeng, MamBa
    FunPlus Phoenix M – RUOXI, Bear, MengRui, YangMing, SaiGe, Sha
    Q9 Club – ProudKing, GniluO, Dchen, Tang, island, Ruan
    VrilliantOwlX – ぽんた, びすた, unLucky, えちやあん, Cas12, mitsuba
    SCARZ – TeiN, Ryo, Mic, LaFius, FantaJiN, PixLeeR
    South Asia Middle East Region
    GodLike Esports – Learn, TrunKs, BurnZ, VegaZ, Neu3no, BrosZxs
    Revenant Esports – Abyss, Rekkles, Xyro, OiL, BoNES, Minho
    Team Vitality – Argon, DEATH, Jokos, Sams, MonK
    True Rippers Esports – FAKEZZ, Reactio1YT, ChieZze, Techno, Mystic, KxvNn,

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