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    BunnyGaming presents the first partner for its Community Partnership Program

    We made a new friend!
    Hello Bunnies! We are happy to announce that BunnyGaming has launched its Community Partnership Program! In this program, we aim to help Gaming Content Creators who have a YouTube channel to gain a wider reach of audience ( like you guys ^_^v ) so that they may grow!


    Presenting PS WORLD!

    Get ready for Chris and his animated friend Beep! As they bring you informative PlayStation 4 focused contents delivered in the form of adorable animation on their channel (PS WORLD). Chris caught our attention a few months ago after we stumbled upon his channel by chance. We were looking for PSVR game reviews (yes, we also read/watch other people’s review because they are interesting and we cannot simply cover and review everything!) on YouTube and was captured by Chris’ unique and enthusiastic style of presentation. It was quite an experience and we have been fanboys since. Check out Chris’ section here and give him a pat on his back if you like his work!


    About BunnyGaming’s Community Partnership Program.

    The Community Partnership Program in BunnyGaming is an initiative to help content creators gain a wider reach of audience for their contents. This program is open for anyone with a YouTube channel as long as their contents are deemed relevant to the Video Games industry. If you’d like to be featured as a partner or enquire more info about this program, use this contact form here and put “Partnership Program” in the subject box and we’d get back to you within 4 days.

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