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    HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro Review (featuring HUAWEI P50)

    The HUAWEI WATCH GT3 Pro is part of the latest GT3 smartwatch lineup by HUAWEI. It was launched in the month of May this year, and pre-orders were available from the 19th to the 26th of May. Not to be confused with the classy-looking Watch 3 Pro, the GT3 Pro is the rugged and sportier cousin.

    The GT3 Pro comes in two versions – GT3 Pro Titanium and GT3 Pro Ceramic. Other than the differences in exterior combinations and pricing, both version shares the same functional features. This review is based on the GT3 Pro Titanium version, accompanied by the Huawei P50 (and my personal P30) for functionality testing.

    Quick look – HUAWEI P50

    The HUAWEI P50 is the standard version of the 3 in the P50 series (Pro & Pocket). It’s powered by a Snapdragon 888 4G with 8GB RAM, 256 GB ROM and a 4100 mAh battery which supports the proprietary 66w charged designed by HUAWEI. Launched back in January of 2022, it is also the more affordable version, starting at RM 2,999 (as of 20th June 2022).

    At the back of the phone is the Dual-Matrix camera design, housing the 50mp True Chroma Camera, 13mp Ultra Wide-Angle Camera and the 12MP Telephoto Camera. The display of the P50 is a 6.5inch 2700 x 1224 pixels True Chroma display. The colour display capability is colour graded for accuracy and can display up to 1.07 billion colours.

    Although it is the cheapest among the 3 in the P50 series, it doesn’t lose out in terms of performance in comparison. The P50 carries the same processor as the other 2 and it performs on par with the P50 Pocket. To find out more, check out my review of the P50 Pocket.

    Specifications For HUAWEI GT3

    Dimensions: 42.9 mm x 42.9 mm x 10.5 mm (Ceramic),46.6 mm x 46.6 mm x 10.9 mm (Titanium)

    Case Size: 42.9 mm (Ceramic),46.6 mm (Titanium)

    Wrist Size: 130-190 mm (Ceramic),140-210 mm (Titanium)

    Weight: 50 g (Without Strap – Ceramic),54 g (Without Strap – Titanium)

    Display: 1.32” AMOLED touchscreen with slide and touch gestures (Ceramic), 1.43” AMOLED touchscreen with slide and touch gestures (Titanium)

    Watch Case: Nanocrystalline Ceramic + Sapphire glass, Titanium + Sapphire glass

    Watch Strap: White Ceramic Strap, White Leather Strap (Ceramic), Grey Leather Strap (Leather)

    Sensors: Accelerometer sensor, Gyroscope sensor, Magnetometer sensor, Optical heart rate sensor, Barometer sensor, Temperature sensor

    Buttons: Power button, function button, support for operations such as pressing and holding, and rotating the watch crown

    Charging: Wireless (Magnetic Charging Plate with USB – A Connector

    System Requirements: HarmonyOS 2 and above, Android 6 and above, iOS 9 and above

    Waterproof: IP68, 5ATM, Dive (Up to 30 Meters)


    • RM 2,399.00 (Ceramic with Ceramic Chain Strap)
    • RM 1,599.00 (Ceramic with White Leather Strap)
    • RM 1,399.00 (Titanium with Grey Leather Strap)

    Appearance and Aesthetics

    The GT3 Pro Titanium is by far the best-looking smartwatch to be released by HUAWEI. The titanium case has a brushed metal finish which brings out the intended rugged and sporty look. While titanium is not entirely scratch-proof, the natural oxidation of the alloy does indirectly reduce light scratches over time.

    The accompanying grey leather strap, which carries a slightly brownish hue perfectly accents the industrial design that they’ve adopted. While the titanium case is resistant to corrosion, leather is not. Leather tends to absorb sweat and dirt over time, and it does require some maintenance to extend its lifespan.

    The 1.43-inch AMOLED was bright enough to display the time even when it was under a strong glare or the midday sunlight. The colours on the screen are beautiful and crisp, and it’s responsive to the touch. The dials located at 2 o’clock were placed strategically and it doesn’t interfere with wrist movements, unlike the designs which are placed at the 3 o’clock location.

    In comparison to its ceramic counterpart, the Titanium version has a larger face of 46mm for those who prefer a larger watch face. While I didn’t get the chance to review the Ceramic version, the official statement by HUAWEI has stated that the 43 mm ceramic case is specifically designed for ladies who prefer a daintier design.

    Performance & Functionality

    As with most smartwatches in the market, the GT3 Pro is predominantly a wearable health monitor with notification and time-keeping capabilities. Powered by HarmonyOS, the interface of the GT3 Pro is not complicated and can be picked up by anyone, even those who are migrating over from traditional analogue watches.

    Smartwatch Features

    The GT3 Pro performs just as well in the smartwatch category in comparison to its competitors. While there aren’t many new features on this end, the functionality of its features fits perfectly in the HarmonyOS ecosystem and the models which are still on Android. HUAWEI’s AppGallery is also available for users who are looking to download third-party apps to suit their needs.

    Notifications and phone calls are easily accessible from the watch, and the audio quality from the phone call is acceptably clear on both ends of the call. While we can’t exactly type out the replies for messaging apps such as Whatsapp and Telegram, customizable quick replies are readily available when needed.

    Freediving and Driving Range Mode

    The highlight feature of the GT3 Pro is the freediving mode and driving range mode. With a 30-meter diving depth capability (not to be confused with 5ATM which measures a 50-meter water resistance for swimming), the freediving mode tracks diving data such as underwater time, depth, diving speed and max depth – which can all be exported to the HUAWEI health app when the device is in range. The freediving mode also comes with battery life, diving depth and a dive time reminder. The driving range mode records swing data, such as swing speed, swing tempo, backswing time and downswing time. While I believe these data do come with a margin of error, it’s a feature better to have than none.

    Health Monitoring

    As of this review, the current firmware of the GT3 Pro comes with these health monitoring features built in:

    • Real-time heart rate monitor
    • Stress monitor
    • SpO2 monitor
    • Skin Temperature monitor
    • Sleep monitor
    • Step, Distance, Climbing distance and Calory counter

    On the back of the watch is the transparent Nanocrystalline Ceramic cover which reveals a heartrate monitoring component which flashes green when activated. In a controlled environment, I tested the heart rate, stress, and skin temperature monitor and they were all responsive.

    The heart rate monitor was the easiest to test. The heart rate monitor was quick to pick up the changes as I increased and decreased my pace on the treadmill. The skin temperature was also able to detect the changes in the skin temperature after icing my wrist.

    The least enjoyable part of the test is the stress monitor. To emulate a stressful environment, I forced myself to go through a horror movie – a genre of which I’m not a fan. On top of successfully recording the changes in my stress level, the movie triggered the high heart rate notification on the HUAWEI Health App as well.

    The SpO2 monitor couldn’t be tested as it is dangerous to manipulate the blood oxygen level without trained professionals on-site.


    The battery life that was announced by HUAWEI is 14 days of normal usage but due to our intensive testing and customization, the recorded battery life that we had was 10 days of usage. While it is shorter than the official statement, the usage environment was drastically different as the active screen time in our review is higher than normal usage. The health monitoring functions of the watch were also heavily tested for 3 days in a row. But nonetheless, it still managed to last for 10 days.

    What I Liked

    • Titanium casing is a good approach due to its weight and durability
    • All the essential features of a smartwatch are available from the box
    • Great battery life
    • Aesthetically pleasing for all occasions

    What I Wished Was Better

    • The raise-to-wake feature is not responsive enough
    • HUAWEI should’ve provided an alternative silicone strap in the box for sports usage.
    • The leather strap is not sweatproof and it tends to stink after being exposed to sweat and dust
    • Replacement straps are not available for purchase on the official site (as of 22nd June 2022)


    The GT3 Pro is a smartwatch that can be worn to any event. Both variants are aesthetically pleasing and have all the basic functions required in a smartwatch. The sports activity mode and health monitoring features are accurate and robust enough for daily usage. Battery life on the GT3 Pro is amazing, where a single charge can last up to at least 10 days on normal usage.

    The drawback is that while it’s heavily promoted to be a good watch for workout and sports usage, the leather straps are the worst choice possible for these scenarios. In the case of a worn-out strap, replacement straps are not available for purchase on the official website. There is also a risk that updates may be affected when paired with a device outside of HarmonyOS and the Android ecosystem.

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