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    ASUS ProArt Display PA32UCXR: Overview of a High-Performance Monitor

    ASUS has recently added a new member to the ProArt line with a new mini LED monitor that takes factory calibration very seriously for professionals. The masterpiece of a professional monitor with a 32-inch mini LED backlight panel is all set to redefine visual clarity and color accuracy: the new ProArt Display PA32UCXR.

    It is not just any display; this one comes with a wonderful ability to have 2304 zones for local dimming, making sure deep blacks and bright whites are accurately reflected. This technology allows an awesome 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, together with a peak brightness of 1600 nits and, for the first time ever, a maintained full-screen brightness of 1000 nits, making even the most advanced creative activities a reality.

    Display Specifications

    Display Panel Size (inch) : 32
    Aspect Ratio : 16:9
    Display Viewing Area (H x V) : 708.48 x 398.52 mm
    Display Surface : Non-Glare
    Backlight Type : Mini-LED
    Panel Type : IPS
    Viewing Angle (CR≧10, H/V) : 178°/ 178°
    Pixel Pitch : 0.1845mm
    Resolution : 3840×2160
    Color Space (sRGB) : 100%
    Color Space (Adobe RGB) : 99%
    Color Space (DCI-P3) : 97%
    Color Space (Rec.2020) : 85%
    Brightness (HDR, Peak) : 1,600 cd/㎡
    Brightness (Typ.) : 1000cd/㎡
    Contrast Ratio (HDR, Max) : 1,000,000:1
    Contrast Ratio (Typ.) : 1000:1
    Display Colors : 1073.7M (10 bit)
    Response Time : 5ms(GTG)
    Refresh Rate (Max) : 60Hz
    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support : HDR10
    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support : HLG
    HDR (High Dynamic Range) Support : Dolby Vision
    Flicker-free : Yes
    LCD ZBD Warranty : Yes(3 yr)
    Video Features Trace Free Technology : Yes
    ProArt Preset : Native
    ProArt Preset : sRGB
    ProArt Preset : Adobe RGB
    ProArt Preset : DCI-P3
    ProArt Preset : Rec. 2020
    ProArt Preset : DICOM
    ProArt Preset : Rec. 709
    ProArt Preset : HDR_PQ DCI
    ProArt Preset : HDR_PQ Rec2020
    ProArt Preset : HDR_HLG BT2100
    ProArt Preset : HDR_HLG DCI
    ProArt Preset : Dolby Vision
    ProArt Preset : User mode1
    ProArt Preset : User mode2
    ProArt Preset : User mode3
    Color Temp. Selection : Yes(5 modes)
    Color Adjustment : 6-axis adjustment(R,G,B,C,M,Y)
    Gamma Adjustment : Yes (Support Gamma 1.8/2.0/2.2/2.4/2.6 )
    Color Accuracy : △E< 1
    ASUS ProArt Hardware Calibration : Yes
    ProArt Palette : Yes
    QuickFit Plus : Yes
    PIP / PBP Technology : Yes
    HDCP : Yes, 2.2
    VRR Technology : Yes (Adaptive-Sync)
    HDR Preview : Yes
    Low Blue Light : Yes
    Multiple HDR Mode : Yes
    Sound Speaker : Yes(3Wx2)
    IO Ports Thunderbolt 4 x 2 (Daisy Chain)
    DisplayPort 1.4 x 1
    HDMI(v2.0) x 2
    USB Hub : 3x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A + 1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C
    Earphone Jack : Yes
    USB-C Power Delivery : 90W
    Mechanical Design Tilt : Yes (+23° ~ -5°)
    Swivel : Yes (+30° ~ -30°)
    Pivot : Yes (+90° ~ -90°)
    Height Adjustment : 0~100mm
    Embedded Colorimeter : Yes (Support Self-Calibration)
    Ambient Light Sensor : Yes
    Proximity Sensor : Yes
    VESA Wall Mounting : 100x100mm
    Kensington Lock : Yes/td>
    Accessorise DisplayPort cable
    HDMI cable
    Monitor hood
    Power cord
    Quick release stand
    Quick start guide
    Thunderbolt™ 4 Cable
    USB-C to A cable
    Warranty Card
    Welcome Card
    Certificate Energy Star
    TÜV Flicker-free
    TÜV Low Blue Light
    VESA DisplayHDR 1400
    VESA MediaSync Display
    Calman Ready

    The monitor boasts a true 10-bit color depth, enhanced by quantum dot technology, which together deliver a wide color spectrum. It covers 100% of the sRGB, 99% of the Adobe RGB, and 97% of both the DCI-P3 and REC 2020 color gamuts. Such extensive color coverage is complemented by industry-leading Delta E<1 color accuracy, ensuring that the colors you see on the screen are as true to life as possible. This level of precision is critical for professionals in photography, video editing, and design, where colour fidelity can make or break the final output.

    Built-In Colorimeter

    To maintain this exceptional color accuracy, the monitor incorporates a built-in colorimeter that supports both manual and automatic calibration. This feature is designed to work seamlessly with leading calibration software such as Calman and Light Illusion ColourSpace CMS, ensuring that the monitor remains accurate over time. Furthermore, the device supports multiple HDR formats, including Dolby Vision, HLG, and HDR10, offering a versatile viewing experience for any content. It’s also TUV Rheinland certified for low flicker across all levels of brightness, providing a comfortable viewing experience even during long work sessions.

    IO Ports

    Connectivity is another area where this monitor shines, featuring 2 Thunderbolt 4 ports that can be daisy-chained, a single DisplayPort 1.4, two HDMI 2.0 ports, three USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-A ports, and one Type-C port with support for PD 90W. This array of connections ensures compatibility with a wide range of devices and peripherals. The monitor’s stand is just as impressive, offering up to 23 degrees of tilt, 30 degrees to -30 degrees of swivel, and a 90-degree pivot, providing the flexibility to find the perfect viewing angle for any task.

    Hands-On Experience

    The ProArt PA32UCXR realistically and vividly reproduces colours displayed on the screen, ensuring that anything from the most delicate shades to the most vivid colour is reproduced. This richness in colour makes images and videos pop, providing a feast for the eyes that are both immersive and precise. Brightness is another area where the monitor really does shine, and it can pump up high enough to bring out details even in well-lit rooms but yet be dim enough to not overpower a very dark room. This flexibility ensures that whether you’re working through the day or indulging in a late-night creative session, the screen is always comfortable to look at. Furthermore, the uniformity of the display is remarkable, with consistent colours and brightness across the entire screen. This means, wherever you look, one will not see quality falling short and instead get an even-toned, continuous visual experience that is easy on the eye.

    The ProArt display monitor is solely devoted to quality, which comes not just through colors and brightness but in every aspect of content handling. This display monitor is meant for use by both professionals and hobbyists who want their pixels to be exactly where they should be. It has a outstanding contrast ratio that outlines the depth of blacks and the precision of whites in your work, hence ideal for use by graphic designers, photographers, and video editors. This ensures faithful rendition to your creative vision, maintaining details on your digital canvas through accurate color representation and the capability to handle the wide color gamut.

    What also sets this display uniquely apart from others is the excellent performance in low-light conditions of light bleeding, which removes backlight bleeding—a common flaw in which lighter areas tend to seep into the darker parts of the screen. It ensures that no competitor can provide the impression, which could show the excellent depth and clarity of dark scenes from the videos, movies, and games for the viewing experience. Exacting shadow and dark detail reproduction without any light seepage, which would otherwise deteriorate the quality and provide more of an immersive experience, be it photo editing under high contrast, watching a suspenseful film, or exploring dark, atmospheric settings of video games.

    When it’s time for video and fun, the ProArt monitor transforms watching into a breathtaking experience. All the movies and TV shows are viewed with cinematic quality, so every frame deserves to be a visual dessert. The wide color gamut and high contrast ratio work together to produce lifelike images that pull you into the action. But whether it’s the subtly nuanced drama of a favorite show or the full-out explosiveness of an action movie, nothing comes to life better than on the display. In HDR, watching content takes this experience up a notch with increased, normally missed detail in both shadows and highlights. It’s kind of like having a movie theater at your desk; every viewing is an event unto itself.

    Gaming on the ProArt monitor is not even a part of its prime design focus, yet it’s quite pleasurable to game on it. This makes the monitor literally able to enhance the immersion of any genre, as the colors and brightness enliven games in ways few others can. With that having been said, it goes without saying that, of course, while this monitor was designed with an incredible level of visual fidelity in mind, it was also meant for professional use and doesn’t feature the ultra-fast response times preferred by competitive gamers. But for games that demand more of a focus on the tale and the environment rather than twitch reflexes, the ProArt is something like a beautiful blank canvas that could help games make the digital world feel a tad more alive.


    In conclusion, the ASUS ProArt monitor, priced at USD 2,999, represents a significant investment in your digital workspace, but its value far exceeds its cost when considering its advanced features and capabilities. The inclusion of a built-in colorimeter, coupled with an automated tool for scheduled calibration, positions this monitor as an exceptionally cost-effective choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. These features ensure that the display maintains its precision and color accuracy over time, eliminating the need for external calibration devices and the additional costs associated with them.

    The monitor’s unparalleled display quality, from its vivid colors and deep blacks to the absence of backlight bleeding, enhances every use case, whether it be professional content creation, entertainment, or gaming. It’s a tool that not only meets the demands of today’s creative professionals but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow’s innovations. Considering the wealth of features, the meticulous attention to detail, and the future-proofing technology it offers, the ASUS ProArt monitor is not just an expense; it’s an investment in quality, productivity, and creative freedom. For those who prioritize excellence in their visual experiences, this monitor is undoubtedly a wise and rewarding choice.

    Due to this being just an overview, scoring cannot be applied, but with enough time given to review the PA32UCXR, I can confidently predict at the very least an 8/10 if i’m to nitpick.

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