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    All 13 games announced for the Xbox Series X


    The thought of next-gen games and consoles can be invigorating especially with the pandemic around. The Xbox team definitely took up the chance to build-up the hype for the upcoming Xbox Series X console. Through their online reveal stream, a total of 13 games from third party publishers and developers showcasing their latest work in progress projects.

    The list of games shown earlier are mere slices of what’s to come as more reveals will be shown progressively this holiday and early next year. It is also revealed that beginning on July, first party titles will be shown and one of them is Halo Infinite.

    Many of these games comes fully support with Microsoft’s “Smart Delivery” system. The system allows games be playable on Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox Series X with a single purchase.

    That said, here are the games that will be coming to Xbox Series X. It is important to note that not all of them are going to be launch titles.

    Bright Memory Infinite

    Developer: FYQD Studio || Publisher: Playism


    This is likely one of the most visually stunning games that was shown in the stream. The drops of rain to the explosion effects couple with the rather realistic lighting, this is one candy eye shooter. That said Bright Memory isn’t exactly new per se. The game has made its debut on Steam and this one can be considered a total engine overhaul over the initial one. Worth checking out if you’re into fast paced FPS games.

    Dirt 5

    Developer: Codemasters || Publisher: Codemasters


    Codemasters have been religiously releasing their Dirt series over the years. They seems to be really pulling the stops as Nolan North and Troy Baker are roped in to provide color commentary in the game. There will be tons of new features from content to technical aspects one of which is able to choose to play with a locked 60 FPS on 4k mode or a 120 FPS but on lower resolutions.


    Developer: Ebb Software || Publisher: Ebb Software


    This game screams grotesque at every level. A FPS game that features characters and creatures that are best left in a person’s worst nightmares. The game has been shown in its rough stages. The exact premise of the game is not known yet but the game is said to pair survivability and realism as part of its core gameplay.


    Developer: Deep Silver FISHLABS || Publisher: Deep Silver


    A space combat game that features you in the shoes of a pilot named Nara and her partner call Forsaken which happens to be a sentient ship. There seem to be there will a deep story that involve cult themed matters. Nonetheless, it is not everyday we get a lot of space combat games so this is a very welcome addition for next-gen.

    Madden 21

    Developer: EA || Publisher: EA


    Whats to say about Madden 21. Plenty but at the same time not much either. If you have been a fan Madden games, this latest addition will definitely be a welcome news as the game will brim with new features to be enjoyed.

    Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines 2

    Developer: Hardsuit Labs || Publisher: Paradox Interactive


    The original was a cult hit back in 2004. Ever since then, the game has received countless of community efforts in bringing in more life into the game. While the original allows you to dwell in a large open-world filled with all sort of races and characters, the sequel is said to be being build from the ground up while still drawing the lore from its tabletop version. This is definitely worth looking out for.

    Call Of The Sea

    Developer: Out of the Blue || Publisher: Raw Fury


    Another first-person game but this time it involves more on to puzzles. You will take control of a woman whom is set out to look for his lost husband whom went missing on an expedition. You will be traverse onto islands, caves and caverns that are filled with various puzzles to solve as you progress in the story.

    The Ascent

    Developer: Curve Digital || Publisher: Neon Giant


    Here is a game where you can bring your friends along. The game will be played from a top down perspective akin to other twin stick shooters. There will be lots of shooting and running throughout a cyberpunk menacing city.

    The Medium

    Developer: Bloober Team SA || Publisher: Bloober Team SA


    The game features you playing as Marriane whom is a medium. It is someone with the ability to go back and forth between the world of the living and the dead. Her visions have led her into an old abandoned hotel where she is in search for answers for a terrible tragedy. If the basis of the story sounds familiar then you are not alone. The game is being done by the same team behind the Blair Witch video game version and the Layers of Fear series which happens to walk around the similar theme.

    Scarlet Nexus

    Developer: Bandai Namco Studios Inc || Publisher: Bandai Namco


    Here is another anime inspired RPG by Bandai Namco. You play as Yuito Sumeragi whom is a gifted psychic. The gameplay features fast paced combat and a clean and distinct look in its visuals. There isn’t much to go on the trailer hence we shall patient await for more info as time goes by.

    Second Extinction

    Developer: Systemic Reaction || Publisher: Avalanche Studio Group


    This game has a strong Turok vibe however it has no relation to the classic game in any way. Nonetheless, you will be shooting and blowing up mutated dinosaurs which have taken over the planet. The game is playable in co-op or in single player.

    Yakuza Like a Dragon

    Developer: Ryu ga Gotoku Studio || Publisher: Sega


    There isn’t much to say. It is a Yakuza game after all and it has been launched on the Playstation in Japan. However it is still a surprising sight to see it blazing on a Xbox console. Nonetheless, with this announcement, it definitely means that an English version is not too far away already

    Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

    Developer: Ubisoft Montreal || Publisher: Ubisoft


    This was definitely the main highlight of the entire stream. There has already been plenty of info shared regarding the latest Assassin’s Creed. The only thing ever left is know further and get to play it. However this trailer has confirm a few things. Our main hero Eivor will be accompanied with a trust flying companion. Fans of the previous Origins and Odyssey should know what that bird is capable of.

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