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    Xbox Series X full details are out!

    Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer has just recently announced the full specifications of Microsoft’s upcoming next-generation gaming console called the Xbox Series X at their Xbox website.

    According to Phil, the ability to stream console games as well as setting new graphical standards and increasing processing speed are top in expectations of gamers. And so, Phil has finally show details of the specifications of their next-generation console to the masses. Phil Spencer also highlights that he and the Xbox team value in being open and transparent and thus expectations will definitely be high with their next-generation console.

    While there isn’t any official date yet but knowing the details from Phil himself means that the next generation of gaming consoles is going to be a strong and exciting one for many gamers. Here is the list of specifications of the Xbox Series X.

    On the hardware:

    Next Generation Custom Processor

    Variable Rate Shading (VRS)

    Hardware-accelerated DirectX Raytracing

    SSD Storage

    On top of that, the Xbox Series X boasts even more features such as:

    Quick Resume

    Dynamic Latency Input (DLI)

    HDMI 2.1 Innovation

    120 fps Support

    These features closely resemble specifications of a gaming PC and it seems the bridge between console and pc is getting very closer. Do check out the Xbox website to read about more details on those specifications. check out their Xbox website for further explanation on each of those highlighted features.

    So, what do you guys think so far regarding the official specifications of Microsoft’s latest upcoming next-generation especially now where all eyes on whats the next big thing within the console gaming community. That alone itself apart of game announcements has kick-started. This year is going be another amazing year for the gaming

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