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    WWE 2K BATTLEGROUNDS now available for Asia!

    Lace up your boots, pull up those elbow pads people and step into the squared ring and face off your opponents, as WWE 2K Battlegrounds is out now for the Asian market. WWE 2K Battlegrounds brings fastpaced action and an assortment of power-ups, special moves, unconventional melee items, and interactive environments to take the brawl to the next level. Players can take on the challenges alone or compete with friends and family on the couch or online in cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes! If you haven’t already, check out the trailer of the game below:

    Boasting a roster of more than 70 WWE Superstars, Hall of Famers, and Legends, there is no end to the chaos that can unfold when players face off! On top of that, plans to include 60 additional Superstars in future free downloadable updates that will include, “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Ultimate Warrior, Ric Flair, and many more. . All Superstars utilize one of five class styles – Powerhouse, Technician, High-Flyer, Brawler and All-Rounder – with each class having its own combat moves, strengths and weaknesses. Arcade-style offensive and defensive power-ups, such as Flaming Fist, Ice Breath, and Earthquake, offer an additional dimension of strategy that can quickly change the direction of a match.


    “We’re excited to add WWE 2K Battlegrounds to 2K’s growing portfolio of WWE and licensed sports
    properties, and to offer yet another way for gamers to enjoy WWE video game action. “This arcade-style brawler offers a completely different experience from our WWE 2K simulation franchise and WWE SuperCard collectible card battling game, that we’re confident fans will enjoy.”

    David Ismailer – President at 2K

    A variety of game modes and match types are available in WWE 2K Battlegrounds, including King of the Battleground – an online, last-man-standing mode – and Battleground Challenge, where players take their customized creations from the Superstar Creator and compete in a series of challenges to unlock skill points, build up their abilities and earn cosmetic items. WWE 2K Battlegrounds also features a unique, single-player Campaign Mode, told through a comic book art style, where players team up with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and legendary advocate Paul Heyman™ as they travel the world in search of
    the next WWE Superstars. Online multiplayer matches bring players together from around the world, while time-limited Online Tournaments offer rewards and a wide range of match conditions.

    As players progress through the story or the variety of game modes, players can explore eight unique Battlegrounds environments featuring interactive elements and outrageous melee objects, such as squeaky toy hammers and motorcycles. Players will give opponents a tune-up in the Auto Shop by tossing explosive barrels at them and sending a car crashing down. The action heats up in the Everglades as players toss each other into the jaws of a hungry alligator! Players can also customize their own arenas to give each match a personal touch.

    WWE 2K Battlegrounds is now available in two formats, the Standard Edition the Digital Deluxe Edition where players will receive WWE Hall of Famer Edge, all versions of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, The Rock, and Ronda Rousey at the beginning of play. Also, 1100 bonus Golden Bucks as in-game currency that can be used to unlock Superstars
    and cosmetic items.


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