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    Warhammer Vermintide 2 Celebrates 5th Anniversary And Is Free to Play On Steam Until March 13th

    Independent developer Fatshark celebrates the fifth anniversary of their award-winning Warhammer: Vermintide 2.

    Since its release in 2018, Vermintide 2 has grown to become a beloved title worldwide and is still home to a thriving community. Fatshark has consistently updated the game throughout the years; by now, it offers more than twice as much content as at launch – be that free expansions like Chaos Wastes and, more recently, Trail of Treachery as part of the Treacherous Adventure DLC.

    Time-Exclusive Level

    The annual tradition continues with Fatshark making the popular celebratory level A Quiet Drink available from March 8th – 20th. A Quiet Drink invites players to celebrate by drinking their fill in Helmgart’s local tavern, only to find it overrun by ratmen. Players must traverse the town (with ale goggles on) to find their next drink while clearing Helmgart’s infestation of Chaos along the way.

    As part of the festivities, Vermintide 2 is currently Free to Play on Steam until March 13th.

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