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    Walking in the Shadows – Indie Game “Espionage” Publicly Revealed on Steam for the First Time

    Developed by the indie game development team Cube of Cube and published by Edigger, the 2D narrative puzzle game “Espionage” is now publicly revealed on the Steam page.

    World War II Alternate History – Infiltrator under Pressure

    The game’s background is based on an alternate history of World War II and infused with the high-pressure political world of “1984,” presenting unpredictable times. Players will assume the role of a spy deeply embedded within enemy lines, facing life-and-death trials and the choice between morality and duty in a series of revolutionary missions.

    Amidst the fog, you will uncover the truth behind your father’s betrayal a decade ago, safeguard your homeland’s peace amidst the gunfire, and transform into a true warrior amid the flames of war.

    Immersed in the Tide of History – Scripting a New Chapter

    In the game, players will be deeply immersed in this high-pressure world, navigating through the tides of generations, encountering historical figures, influencing key personalities through negotiation, assassination, and other actions, altering the course of history, and scripting a new chapter.

    Players can engage in thrilling espionage operations while also experiencing the warmth of ordinary people under the dust of the era.

    A Pre-announced Arson – A Drama Unfolding

    The game revolves around a pre-announced arson case, a drama buried beneath the ruins of history, with various characters taking the stage amidst the tide of the times. Players will follow the protagonist’s footsteps, transitioning from an ordinary person executing multiple espionage tasks to growing into a true warrior.

    Simultaneously, you will gradually uncover the secrets behind the sudden and massive fire a decade ago, revealing the historical truth concealed beneath the conflict of faith and desire.

    The game’s clever narrative structure makes the mystery intricate and the truth seems as if seen through a veil, at times seemingly close, yet suddenly distant.

    For those of you in front of the screen who are interested in World War II themes or have a fondness for the world view of “1984,” you can now add “Espionage” to your Steam wishlist.

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