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    Upcoming Games To Look Forward To This January 2024

    Ready to kick off the new year with not just the gym but also a bunch of games that will boost your gaming routine to a thrilling start. These picks are games that we think would be worth your collections and playtime.

    If we missed any hidden gems, don’t be shy and drop by the comments or tag us to share the excitement. It’s time to elevate our gaming experience.

    Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown | January 18th

    Control over time in exploration and combat as Sargon and evolve from sword-wielding prodigy to extraordinary legend. Unlock new Time Powers and unique super abilities as Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is sliding your way on PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S/Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

    Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy | January 25th

    Start pointing fingers and say ‘Objection’ under three titles in one complete collection as rookie attorney Apollo Justice and his mentor, the legendary Phoenix Wright. Defend your clients in courtroom battles and engaging investigations on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.

    Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth | January 26th

    With Ichiban Kasuga and Kazuma Kiryu joined up in a JRPG, you will have a really good time in dynamic combats, class jobs, and customizations to fend off your foes with over-the-top moves. Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is coming on PlayStation 4/ PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S/Xbox One and PC.

    Tekken 8 | January 26th

    Get ready to battle aggressively and juggle into the next chapter in the legendary fighting game franchise. Battle as one of the highly-detailed models set in destructible stages combines to create an overwhelming sense of immersion, creating the ultimate play experience.

    He is actually very shy, introvert but no choice, have to go out to buy games. He likes food and food likes him. He somehow manage to find a job with the right time accommodate to gaming. He has a very short attention span, therefore has to finish a game fast or else a simple pun can distract him for the entire day. Yes a Pun, he loves puns as much as he loves games; easily distracted, whichever comes next.

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