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    Unveiling the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Pre-Order Campaign – Flex that Bigger, Better, Bolder Screen on the Galaxy Z Fold5

    In a world where screens are constantly growing larger, smartphones are no exception to this trend. Embrace the “bigger is better” philosophy and elevate your cinematic viewing experience with the all-new Galaxy Z Fold5. Immerse yourself in the sheer grandeur of its expansive 7.6″ Main Screen, delivering an unparalleled level of visual brilliance.

    Feast your eyes on the Dynamic AMOLED display, which effortlessly conjures up vivid, stunning visuals that blur the line between reality and fiction. Whether you’re watching a movie or playing a game, you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported right into the heart of the action.

    With enhanced outdoor brightness at HBM 1200 nits, a 20% improvement from the previous model, the Galaxy Z Fold5 ensures optimal visibility even in bright sunlight. It’s your perfect companion for extended entertainment, boasting up to 20 hours of video playback, so you can indulge in non-stop enjoyment throughout the day.

    But here’s the real showstopper – the advanced Flex Mode. By folding the screen halfway, your Galaxy Z Fold5 transforms into a mini laptop, allowing you to watch, comment, and control content simultaneously. The top half of the screen showcases the media, while the bottom serves as a touchpad with mini media controls, enabling easy access to content information, rewind, and fast-forward functions.

    Adaptable and versatile, the Galaxy Z Fold5 comes with an adjustable Toolbar featuring commands like Split Window, Quick Panel, Screenshot, Brightness, Volume, and Settings. Leveraging multi-finger gestures as shortcuts, you can use one finger to move and tap, two fingers to scroll and drag, three fingers to go back, and four fingers to display the apps screen. Additionally, the Flex Mode supports a mouse pointer, mimicking a real laptop experience.

    Ready to embrace the future of smartphones? Pre-order the Galaxy Z Fold5 | Galaxy Z Flip5 today and avail yourself of these exclusive offers:

    • Galaxy Z Fold5 starting from RM6,799
    • Galaxy Z Flip5 starting from RM4,499

    Hurry and secure your order now until 17 August 2023, and don’t forget to redeem your e-voucher of up to RM400, a special reward for registering your interest. Elevate your smartphone experience with Samsung’s latest innovations and take a leap into the extraordinary world of foldable technology.

    To pre-order the latest Galaxy devices, go to:
    • Galaxy Z Fold5:
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