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    Uncharted’s Movie Trailer Brings The Game’s Action On Screen

    Naughty Dog’s highly acclaimed series, Uncharted, the movie adaptation has finally released an official trailer after so long. Starring Tom Holland, as a younger Nathan Drake, the trailer shows him meeting Sully, acted by Mark Wahlberg, in a bar.

    The story does seem a little different from the game but there are familiar elements like that aeroplane cargo scene and even a mention of Nathan’s brother Sam. There is also an appearance by Sophia Taylor Ali as young Chloe Frazer it seems which identifies herself as Sully’s “friend” while saying he has none and Antonio Banderas, which by the look of it, plays the bad guy. Overall, the trailer looks quite good with the usual funny banter between characters and over the top action sequence we find in the game.

    Uncharted movie is set to be released in theatres in February 2022.

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