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    Ubisoft Scalar – New Cloud Computing Technology That Will Change The Game

    Ubisoft has announced a new technology that they are calling Ubisoft Scaler. It takes the components and systems of traditional game engines and transforms them into microservices in the cloud. This will move the closed, single-processor systems of today to a distributed model across a potentially unlimited number of machines.

    Ubisoft Scalar is changing the game

    • Games using Ubisoft Scalar can use a virtually unlimited amount of computing power, and thus run anything from virtual worlds of unprecedented scale and depth to vastly detailed simulations that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.
    • By placing microservices independently in the cloud, Ubisoft Scalar enables developers to update and improve one service without impacting others, or even add new features or components to a game without interrupting play sessions.
    • Ubisoft Scalar’s purpose is to remove technical constraints for game developers, enabling them to focus on creativity and design for never-before-seen player experiences.

    Ubisoft Scalar is currently in development in Ubisoft Stockholm in collaboration with Ubisoft studios located in Malmö (Ubisoft Massive), Helsinki (Ubisoft Redlynx), Bucharest, and Kyiv. Ubisoft started the Stockholm studio in 2017, with a number of Battlefield veterans from the EA DICE studio.

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