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    Transformers: Battlegrounds Rolls Out New Gameplay Trailer and Digital Deluxe Edition

    Publisher Outright Games recent announcement of TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS release date to be on October 23rd with a new gameplay trailer.

    The Digital Deluxe Edition which includes the full game, four Autobot skin packs, and an exclusive arcade game mode, the greatest sport in the galaxy, CUBE! It’s Autobots vs Decepticons as each team battles it out, using their unique special abilities to keep control of the CUBE across four unique arenas.

    TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS releases October 23rd, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC digital, featuring tactical combat and co-op arcade action as well as the original voice cast from the Cyberverse TV series. TRANSFORMERS: BATTLEGROUNDS will be available to pre-order on the console, digitally from October 2nd, with 10% off the digital deluxe console edition and includes two additional exclusive skins, Nemesis Prime and Goldfire Bumblebee!

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