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    Trackmania’s Winter Campaign 2023 Features New Tracks And More

    Trackmania’s Winter Campaign 2023 will bring about new blocks and items for the Track Editor and unlockable Prestige Skins in addition to the 25 new seasonal tracks, according to Ubisoft and Nadeo’s latest announcement.

    Trackmania’s Winter Campaign for 2023

    • With more than 290+ new blocks and items available now in the track editor, players will be able to create Show-inspired tracks using new blocks, lights, and dynamic signs but also brand-new stages and canopies. A Beta version of Voice Chat will be included for the first time in the Ranked and Royal team modes, allowing players to communicate with each other, and boosting their performance as team players.

    • The second part of this update will come on January 1st with 25 new winter campaign tracks and 34+ prestige skins added to the game. These skins can be unlocked through racing and specific achievements, with 3 different types of prestige skins: Seasonal, Royal, and Ranked skins.
    • Aside from this new content drop, using a new Wildcard system, Trackmania® will also let players join and compete in the esports World Tour alongside the top professional teams from all over the world via an in-game matchmaking 2v2 game mode upcoming mid-winter.
    • The Winter seasonal campaign, Prestige skins, voice chat, and 2V2 game mode are available in the Free Starter Access. New blocks and items are accessible through the advanced track editor in the Standard and Club Access.

    Trackmania’s Winter Campaign 2023 will be out on the 1st of January 2023. For more information about Trackmania, check out the game’s website at

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