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    Three Interesting Indie Platformers – A Highland Song, Mandragora & ANNO: Mutationem

    When I play the ever-demanding Sifu struggling as the game shouts at me ‘Get good, Old man’, I escaped back into Google’s world soul searching for kittens, puppies, and indies.
    A number of my searches this week are for 2D/2.5D platformers that have atmospheric, fluidity, and interesting concepts of past and futuristic cyberpunk settings. Some of which are A Highland Song by developer inkle Ltd, Mandragora by Primal Game Studio, ANNO: Mutationem by ThinkingStars.

    A Highland Song

    Lose yourself in harmony as a narrative adventure with rhythm and trekking survival elements as Moira McKinnon. Reminds me so much of Netflix’s cartoon titled Hilda with its valley of stones and songs, Moira McKinnon will be trekking through the woods, valleys, and mountains in a narrative adventure.

    Game features as shared on Steam:

    For fifteen years she’s lived with her mum in a small house on the edge of the Scottish Highlands—then one day she receives a letter from her Uncle Hamish urging her to come to the coast. If she can reach his lighthouse for the solstice, a wonderful surprise will be waiting… And so, Moira runs away.

    Explore hills crisscrossed by routes—some well-trodden, others are hidden away—that are filled with stories, lost things, echoes with song, and memories.

    Climb peaks to orient yourself and plan your next steps. Then hop, slide, and jump through the valleys in time with the music.

    And be prepared to make the journey more than once, because a single trip isn’t nearly enough to discover the Highlands’ deepest secrets.

    This 2.5D side-scrolling adventure brings the Highlands to life with a blend of hand-drawn animation, impressionistic painted scenery, and dynamic lighting/weather effects.

    ANNO: Mutationem

    When 2D meets 3D, cyberpunk of ANNO: Mutationem is made. Confirmed to be released on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on March 17th, 2022 while the PC version is still pending via Steam as Q1 2022. A demo version is currently available on Steam PC.

    You play as Ann, a lone wolf on a mission in a giant neon-drenched Metropolis filled with sinister mega-corporations, mysterious fringe groups, and creatures more bizarre than words can express.

    Details as shared on Steam:
    • Ann will slash, shoot, combo, grenade-throw & ground-pound her way thru hordes of enemies and huge bosses.
    • Explore, Discover & Return

      Exploring diverse locations such as huge cities & complex underground structures, players are free to go as they please, returning to previous areas and unlocking new events.

    • A dark, twisted plot

      A grand story befitting a rich and dark cyberpunk décor, featuring our main hero Ann and her trusty hacker side-kick Ayane.

    • Craft, Upgrade, Improve, Customize

      Collect, buy or craft items & upgrade Ann’s stats, skills, and gear. Use chips to modify any kind of weapon you find.


    Imagine punishing yourself more in a dark souls-like game set in a universe of gorgeous paint strokes and inevitable tragedy. Slash, burn, and rage against the creatures beyond the town walls as Mankind cowers behind the walls of brick and palisades of ignorance. As the world is surrendered to monsters – travel by night and take it back. Defend yourself against vicious enemies, take on unique bosses, make tough moral decisions, meet new allies, enemies, and shade in-between. Mandragora is confirmed for Pc Steam, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and Nintendo Switch without any release date yet.

    Features as shared on Steam:

    Explore a universe of gorgeous paint strokes: Immerse yourself in a rich, dark, painterly 2.5D world as the epic and twisted music composed by Christos Antoniou brings this atmospheric world to life.

    Delve into a story-driven dark fantasy adventure: Leave the sanctuary of Crimson City and travel through a vast, interconnected world that will take you from dark forests to deadly swamps, burning deserts, and more.

    Enter the dark realm of Entropy: Acquire the legendary Witch Lantern and enter the dark realm of Entropy through tears in the fabric of reality.

    Encounter horrific monsters and terrifying creatures: Add fallen foes to your bestiary as you battle distinctive enemies and unique, deadly bosses to discover what lurks in the shadows.

    Play your way: Master the punishing side-scrolling action as one of the multiple unique classes and customize your character’s active skills through a deep and rewarding character development system. Complete the game and start anew on countless NG+ difficulty levels.

    Upgrade your toolset: Find artisans to join your growing caravan to unlock new upgrades. Grow herbs to brew beneficial potions and craft powerful weapons, armor, and trinkets to help you along the way.

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