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    The World Of Tower Of Fantasy Expands As “Vera” Goes Live October 20th

    Publisher Level Infinite and developer Hotta Studio has confirmed that Vera, the first major update for Tower of Fantasy, will be available for free on 20 October 2022 at the official site, as well as on the App Store and Google Play. In addition, members of the Steam community will be able to download and play the full game along with the new Vera expansion on the same day.

    The Vera expansion features two distinct environments – the irradiated wilderness of the Desert Gobby and at its centre, the cyberpunk city of Mirroria. The glittering city may at first glance seem like an oasis and offer respite from the harsh Desert Gobby, but Wanderers will soon discover that it is full of danger and conflict.

    Both areas will offer Wanderers a fresh set of missions, events, raids, instances, monsters and legendary bosses to overcome, plus new vehicles to discover and weapons to master. But it is a section of the Desert Gobby, known as the Grayspace where the biggest challenge awaits. Upon entering the Grayspace the whole environment darkens, bringing with it a sense of foreboding and the threat of encountering Grayspace Entities, the enemies that inhabit this zone. Grayspace Entities come in many forms and are responsible for the increased deterioration of Vera’s already fragile ecology. The most lethal of these are known as Abyssants, but for those Wanderers who are brave enough to take them on the rewards are bountiful.

    To get a taste of the action that awaits in Vera, check out this all-new video above where you’ll also get the first look at some of the new characters – Lin, Ruby and Saki Fuwa coming to Tower of Fantasy.

    Level Infinite and Hotta Studio will also be hosting a special stream event on 14 October, 2022 at 4 AM MYT on Youtube, Twitch and Twitter. The stream will feature an in depth look at the full Vera update. Fans can expect exclusive content, new announcements, watch rewards and more.

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