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    The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra: An Ingenious Device For Today’s Savvy Student

    For students, the personal computer is a mandatory device to complete research papers, course work and prototype designs. While laptops are an option, these are limiting to students who want to break the mould. This is why design student, Adriana, uses her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, as she gets more innovative features beyond the constraints of a laptop to help her succeed in her studies.

    With her Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, she has the flexibility to choose her multi-window layout, whether she feels like having her windows side-by-side or keeping a floating window above her split-screen layout. For better access, she can Drag & Split links, phone numbers, addresses, images and more from Samsung Internet, Samsung Notes, Office and selected apps over to the side of the screen to quickly open them in their own window.

    Smart students know the importance of taking lecture notes and how it helps in information recall and keeping ideas flowing. With the new and improved Samsung Notes, Adriana has a simple and fast way to keep her notes organised and updated across all her Galaxy devices. The new landscape scroll feature on Samsung Notes also lets her scroll left and right giving her more room to write and sketch.

    When she’s discussing with her teammates – online or in-person – on the ever-important course project, Adriana uses the Audio-Bookmark feature on Samsung Notes to record the meeting while she jots down key points at the same time. When she needs to refer back to her notes, she can play the corresponding portion of the voice recording, so she’s on track and informed.

    Watch how the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra revolutionized Adriana’s student life:

    For more details on the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, visit here.

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