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    The Reawakened Resident Evil 4 Arrives Now On PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, And PC

    Capcom, a leading worldwide developer and publisher of video games, has released Resident Evil 4, a remake of the original Resident Evil 4 that debuted in 2005.

    Reimagined for 2023, Resident Evil 4 preserves the essence of the initial release while using Capcom’s proprietary RE Engine to deliver modernized gameplay, a reimagined storyline, and vividly detailed graphics. Resident Evil 4 is available now on the PlayStation 5 (PS5 ) console, the PlayStation 4 (PS4) console, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam for MSRP $59.99.

    Resident Evil 4 joins Leon S. Kennedy six years after his hellish experiences in the biological disaster of Raccoon City. His unmatched resolve caused him to be recruited as an agent reporting directly to the president of the United States. With the experience of multiple missions under his belt, Leon is dispatched to rescue the president’s recently kidnapped daughter, Ashley Graham. Leon tracks her to a secluded European village, however after making first contact, he discovers a fervor beyond reason that grips the local populace.

    During their harrowing escape, Leon and Ashley must navigate multiple dangerous environments controlled by the cult of Los Iluminados. After escaping the village, their perilous path takes them through an ancient castle, dilapidated mines, and more. Each step brings them closer to new dangers such as infected villagers, deranged cultists, and many more insidious enemies empowered by the Las Plagas parasite. Leon and Ashley must survive these foes while also deciphering the arcane designs of the hidden mechanisms, esoteric puzzles, and tantalizing secrets scattered around. Agents willing to delay their escape by indulging the enigmatic Merchant will also gain access to exclusive rewards in exchange for completing various tasks.

    In addition to adding nuance to the characters and relationships within Resident Evil 4, the development team also introduced modern videogame design techniques and state-of-the-art graphics to both faithfully recreate and add depth to the original game’s vision. The infected Ganado have new ways to attack, chase, and outflank Leon with staggering speed and ferocity. In order to walk the razor-thin line between survival and a grim fate, Leon’s arsenal of weapons and close combat maneuvers now include stealth, the ability to parry enemy attacks, and delivering finishing blows with his knife. The changes to gameplay also bring an added emphasis on more meaningful player choices. In addition to being able to buy, sell, and upgrade weapons, Leon will also be able to customize his attaché case. Beyond just expanding storage, Leon will be able to alter the case’s color and attach up to three charms for small in-game bonuses such as increased healing.

    A Resident Evil 4 “Deluxe Edition” is also available now for MSRP $69.99. The Deluxe Edition includes additional in-game content including costumes, weapons, a treasure map, and more. The prolific “The Mercenaries” challenge mode is also returning as free post-launch DLC on April 7th, 2023, and Resident Evil 4’s VR Mode has begun development as a free DLC.

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