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    The Division 2 is about get bigger and better

    Division 2‘s upcoming Year 1 Update is coming very soon. Massive and Ubisoft just released a video that details on what kind of content players will be expecting once they login into the game.

    The Invasion Battle for D.C Year 1 content is about to hit very soon. Here is what players can come to expect:-

    • World Tier 5 with Gear Score cap of 500
    • Heroic difficulty will be open to all
    • Three gear sets—Ongoing Directive, True Patriot, and Hard Wired
    • A new faction stronghold—Tidal Basin
    • Weekly Invaded Missions

    The new Stronghold, Tidal Basin will be unlocked as Year 1’s first part of the update. By completing this Stronghold, players are able to proceed to World Tier 5. While that sounds simple, Massive has promised that Tidal Basin will be the Black Tusk’s most fortified base and breaking it down would not be easy.

    Furthermore, Operation Dark Hours will also be available on April 25th. Expect major challenges and strong enemies to turn up at every corner. While details regarding the raid are scarce, details will be up very soon. So stay tuned with us as we will be covering this upcoming update thoroughly.

    In addition to that, there will also be an additional Specialization which utilizes the Minigun.

    Division 2 is currently available for purchase and if you aren’t sure whether to get this game, check out our review for it to make that decision.

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