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    The Adventures of Bluke Bifton: Chapter 1 – Charming Hand-Drawn Adventure Launches On Steam

    Brainloaf Studio has announced that “The Adventures of Bluke Bifton: Chapter 1” is out now on Steam, after releasing on July 20th!

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    The Adventures of Bluke Bifton is a hand-animated adventure game set in a world of absolute absurdity. Journey across the island from a point & click style view, and meet fully-voiced characters ranging from a downtrodden TV-mascot to a sentient block of parmesan cheese. Face unpredictable choices, and be met with consequences in a branching storyline. Did we mention minigames? Oh yeah, there’s also minigames.

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    • Embark on the world’s weirdest road trip through the overworld, featuring optional objectives, a shop, and plenty of interactions
    • Engage in genre-shifting minigames, making burgers one minute and fighting a massive boss bullet-hell style in another
    • Hmm… Did we mention leaderboards for those minigames? This calls for a musical rhythm game showdown!
    • Customize the titular Bluke Bifton with hats, and strike fear into your foes by creating and naming your own crime-fighting team
    • Jam out to a fully original soundtrack featuring over 20 genre-shifting character and gameplay themes
    • Enjoy your journey your way with a suite of accessibility options including profanity & blood filters, skippable minigame sequences, and fully remappable control schemes

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