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    Teratopia will a brawling debut on January 20th

    Eastasiasoft will be launching the 3D action brawler Teratopia for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in the upcoming week. There is no word yet whether the game is coming to the Nintendo Switch, however.

    Teratopia stars 3 characters led by Tucho in the quest to liberate the lands of Teratopia and rescue his friends. The game features 13 distinct worlds that are packed with unique enemies as well as gameplay mechanics. Tucho and his other 2 buddies will come with their own set of unique skill sets which you can use at your disposal.

    The game is heavily inspired by many classic action platformers with a touch of a sense of humour. Combat will in real-time as well the pacing will be fast and intense. There is also the incorporation of strategic beat ‘em up the action with a blend of RPG elements to give players more depth.

    Teratopia will be available digitally on January 20th and there will be an additional 20% launch discount on selected platforms.

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