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    Tales of Seikyu: A Phenomenal Kickstarter Success And Steam Wishlist Milestone

    In an astounding display of community support, Tales of Seikyu has shattered its Kickstarter funding goals and amassed over 100,000 wishlists on Steam within just 12 hours of its campaign launch.

    This enchanting fantasy farming sim adventure, set in a world brimming with yokai lore, promises a unique blend of cultivation, crafting, and exploration amidst the magical land of Seikyu.

    In Tales of Seikyu, players embark on a journey to the island of Seikyu, where they will manage a farm amidst a world of Yōkai. The game offers a unique opportunity to engage with a host of intriguing characters, each with their own stories and secrets. From restoring a dilapidated inn to its former glory to uncovering the mysteries that lie within this magical world, Tales of Seikyu promises an experience filled with adventure, friendship, love, and discovery.

    Key Features of Tales of Seikyu:

    • Rebuild and Customize: Restore an old farmhouse, expand, and decorate with over 100 pieces of furniture to create your dream home.
    • Farming and Crafting: Engage in farming activities, plant 40+ crops, craft items, and raise animals to become the premier rancher.
    • Fishing: Seikyu is a haven for fishing enthusiasts; head out to expand your fishing catalog and prepare for the upcoming fishing competition!
    • Cooking: Not in the mood for the best Sashimi delights the island has to offer? then head to your own kitchen and master over 60+ recipes!
    • Explore and Discover: Unveil the vast island of Seikyu, teeming with mysteries, adventures, and Yōkai legends. Collect resources and loot enemies to gather your most coveted materials.
    • Shape-shift Your Way: The potent Kitsune bloodline will bless you with the power of shapeshifting. Whether in the formidable and destructive mature Wild Boar form, the agile and aquatic Slime form, or the free-flying Tengu form, and more, each form grants unique abilities and advantages, offering you a plethora of strategies and choices as you explore the mystical world of Seikyu.
    • Build Relationships: Develop deep relationships with over 40 unique characters, each with their own compelling stories and quests.
    • Dating Yōkai: Search for your destined partner, delve into their past and discover their preferences, give thoughtful gifts, engage in lively conversations, and share your feelings with each other.
    • Co-Op Gameplay: Team up with friends to explore, farm, and uncover the secrets of Seikyu Island together, enhancing the multiplayer experience.

    Tales of Seikyu is poised to redefine the RPG farming sim genre, offering players an immersive experience in a world where every choice and friendship can lead to new adventures.

    The Kickstarter campaign has several more days left before its end. For more information, please visit the Steam store page at Tales of Seikyu on Steam.

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