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    Swords & Bones 2 Debuts Now On Nintendo Switch Consoles

    RedDeer.Games, one of the largest publishers and developers of indie games for Nintendo Switch, released a sequel for dark fantasy platformer – Swords & Bones 2. The title is available with a special discount for owners of the first part of the Swords & Bones series.

    Swords & Bones 2 is a continuation of the retro action-adventure game of the same name. This time, as fearless female warrior Beatrice, players will set out on a lethal journey to save the kingdom of Gaudia, which is slowly sinking into demonic darkness. Inspired by 16-bit icons from the 80s and 90s, Swords & Bones 2 extracts what’s best from the genre’s classics while adding a modern gameplay twist. 50 demanding levels filled with treacherous traps, demonic enemies, and evil monsters await players on this sinister path.

    The sequel adds entirely new levels, new opponents, and mechanics like shield parrying. Four, new destructive incantations will also be available for players to choose from before the level begins. The choice must be well-thought-out, as it will not be possible to change the spell during gameplay.

    The challenging levels require definitive solutions. Players will have a huge variety of weapons to select from as well as many upgrades, so the most persistent ones will be able to discover both of the game’s two different endings.

    Both parts of the S & B series are available globally on the Nintendo eShop. Swords & Bones 2 is also available with a special Owner Discount for Swords & Bones first-part holders.

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