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    Switch: Mechstermination Force

    From the creators of Gunman Clive comes a new upcoming game called Mechstermination Force by Horberg Productions, which is basically a boss fight/rushing/platforming game coming out for Nintendo Switch via eShop, priced at $11.99/ 48.91 MYR.



    Take on bosses alone or together

    The premise is simple, take on bosses by treating them as platforms as you jump and climb to their weakpoints, kinda like Shadow Of Colossus style taking on the big bads. You can co-op or solo as you go.

    Key Features:

    • Platform action (Runs on 1080p in TV mode / 720p in handheld mode)
    • 14 varied massive bosses
    • Co-op or solo run
    • Colorful art style
    • Choose 4 playable characters
    • 60 frames per second.

    This game will be climbing up for release this coming Spring 2019 for Nintendo Switch.

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