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    Switch: Ape Out with some stylized Ape madness!

    Bringing out their inner primal instincts, developer Gabe Cuzzillo and publisher Devolver Digital have finalized the launch date for their upcoming game Ape Out on the Nintendo Switch eShop.

    Escape your cage, unleash your Kong

    Ape Out is a procedurally generated, strong coloured stylized beat em up game that uses a unique top-down as the player escapes a caged facility with rhythmic violence. Increase your momentum and even use your captors as a body shield and weapons to crush anyone along the way to achieve freedom.


    Pummeling features are as follows:

    • Embrace a stylish and colourful perspective as you run down the corridor, open areas and labyrinths. Overcoming humans, traps and obstacles in order to exit the premises
    • Just Grab anything- Grab your captors as a human shield, use their weapons or smash their face into the walls, or just throw em into oblivion
    • Free other captors such as bear to help you in causing more mayhem, think of it as a helpful NPC


    The game will be launch on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on February 28, 2019.

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