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    Home News Switch users will shed tears with the adventure game To the Moon

    Switch users will shed tears with the adventure game To the Moon


    An indie story-driven title To the Moon is coming for the Switch on January 16, 2020, via Nintendo eShop as announced by publisher X.D. Network and developer Freebird Games at $11.99/€11.99/£10.79/ 49 MYR, and a 20% off launch sale! Previously released for the PC back in 2011 and ported later to iOS and Android signifying how timeless the story really is. Check out the trailer below:


    A story about memories

    Using technology, two doctors are able to create artificial memories for dying man memory name Johnny to artificially fulfill his last wish. This goes back to the dying man’s past, piecing together events that spanned over a lifetime and the truth of his wish which is of course…  to go to the moon. Prepare some tear-jerking moments and a bunch of tissues.

    The Nintendo Switch version is fully remade by X.D. Network via Unity with redrawn graphic but keeping the retro charm. Dive into a dying old man’s memory with the two doctors to fulfil his last wish, experience the heartwarming story of To the Moon.

    The game is due out for Switch on January 16, 2020.

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