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    Sway with the rhythmic RPG Nocturne: Prelude

    Developer and publisher Pracy Studios has stated their plans for a partial first chapter PC release of Nocturne: Prelude as a free download today. Officially the game is set for a 2023 release on Switch and PC.



    Here’s some information about Nocturne via Nintendo Everything:

    Millennia have passed since humanity’s extinction, and you’ve just awoken in a digitally created afterlife. Soon to meet a cast of extraordinary characters who’ll make you question what it means to be alive.

    Explore this strange new world as you discover that eternal life comes with sacrifice; an adventure that’ll take you to the edge of human existence.

    Master an entirely skill-based rhythm combat system with fierce battles and unexpected challenges. With customizable difficulty options, Nocturne is a game suitable for beginners and veterans of the rhythm genre.

    The perfect balance of heart-pumping musical combat with magnificent worldbuilding and deep story. Make friends, battle enemies, and traverse a beautiful world as it falls apart around you.

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