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    Stone Age Co-op RPG – Roots of Pacha coming in 2020

    Indie game publisher Crytivo introduces Roots of Pacha that is currently in development at California-based studio Soda Den, where the game allows players to team up with friends and build an agricultural village from the ground up. The game is coming on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC slated for an early 2021 release.


    Ride a dinosaur~

    After roaming the prehistoric world, it’s time to settle down and build a village to stand for generations. Join with friends to develop technology, discover plants to farm, harvest crops, befriend and domesticate animals, and create a thriving stone age community. Find love, nurture relationships, and grow your community—and then celebrate and honour nature in glorious festivals.

    Key Prehistoric Features:

    • Explore and build in an ancient world. A fertile, vibrant world awaits! Fish in streams and rivers, discover unique flora and fauna and mine the darkest caves for resources.
    • Grow and harvest. Start your own farming revolution and invent the tools and techniques to build a prosperous village from nothing.
    • Join the clan. Work with the community, develop friendships, and even find love!
    • Grow your village. Help villagers develop ideas and discover new farming and crafting technology. Construct buildings, invite others into the clan, and transform your settlement into an agricultural marvel.
    • Play with friends. Invite up to 3 friends to join your village. Live with them (or keep your distance), share talents and resources, and celebrate festivals, where each player can contribute to communal dinners or compete in fishing contests!
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