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    Square Enix brings life to Legend of Mana with a remastered opening

    The Legend of Mana, remastered version will be launching soon on this 24th June. This fourth installment re-release is part of the SQUARE ENIX PRESENTS showcase of games just not long ago.

    The fully remastered opening trailer brings life to all the characters for fans of the series. Journey through the lands of Fa’Diel and meet many characters.

    Legend of Mana features a “Land Make” system where players can generate the structure of the game by placing objects called Artifacts. Man different lands are generated and each containing a varied of quest and branching story to indulge in.

    Legend of Mana will be releasing on PS4, Switch and Steam this coming 24th of June. There will also be pre-order bonuses before July 23rd which come in the form of ten avatars and the choice of a custom Legend of Mana theme for the PS4 or a Legend of Mana Wallpaper on PC.

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