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    SpyxAnya: Operation Memories— Based On The Popular Manga And Anime Series — Makes A Video Game Debut

    The Forger family is making their video game debut in the new SPYxANYA: OPERATION MEMORIES from Bandai Namco Entertainment. Based on the popular manga and anime, players will take control of the loveable yet mischievous Anya Forger, an orphan with telepathic abilities who was adopted by Loid Forger. The game is being developed for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via STEAM, and will release in 2024.

    SPYxANYA: OPERATION MEMORIES will feature the following:

    • Experience the world through Anya’s Eyes – Tasked with making a photo diary as an assignment for Eden College, players must take memorable pictures of Anya to complete her diary from the series through outings including parks, beaches, dog parks, aquariums, and museums.
    • Take pictures when Anya finds something interesting – Find something that catches Anya’s attention to capture memorable pictures of her, her family, and her friends. Good pictures will be saved as Anya’s memories.
    • All fun and mini-games – A variety of more than 15 mini-games are available to players. Experience fun games based on familiar scenes from the anime – ranging from peanut-themed bowling to rhythm training with Yor to earn points and get costumes and outing items.
    • Create a memorable style – Customize the Forgers with unlockable costumes and other items to create a memorable style. Also, use the game’s photo mode to take the perfect portrait of the Forger family.

    SPYxANYA: OPERATION MEMORIES will arrive on consoles and PCs in 2024.

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