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    Song Of The Prairie Demo Out Today on Steam

    Independent game developers The Droplet Studio is releasing a free playable demo of Song Of The Prairie, a farm simulation game on Steam now. The Free to Play DEMO will be valid until February 28th.

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    Song Of The Prairie allows you to explore farms, stories, and all the DIY fun. You can enjoy a simple life of farming, clearing land, breeding animals, and fishing or vigorously construct the town, recruit more people to join the town, and decorate the town.

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    In Song Of The Prairie, there won’t be any restrictions on your behaviours. What kind of life you experience depends entirely on you. Take action, this land is waiting for your exploration and construction.

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    • Free cultivation: You can grow more than 40 kinds of fruits and vegetables in different seasons freely.
    • Fun and magical animals: Many magical animals live on this land, such as cows who grow stripes of the fruits after eating them, and even produce milk with a certain fruit flavour.
    • DIY fun: You can customize the look of your character, match your favourite clothes at will, freely choose and change your favourite profession, and create a unique character.
    • Construction and destruction: Layout public facilities, change architectural styles, build farms, and destroy scene content.
    • Love and marriage: Try to make friends with the residents of the town. Each resident has a different personality and skill. You can get to know some of them better by dating.
    • Huge Plants: The plant fruits and vegetables are famous for their gigantic size. There are more than 60 kinds of plants that can be planted, including different types of vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc.

    For now, Song Of The Prairie is only available on Steam, but in the future, it will be on Switch and Playstation.

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