HomeNewsRoguelike voxel dungeon game, Dungeon & Gravestone releases on April 23rd

    Roguelike voxel dungeon game, Dungeon & Gravestone releases on April 23rd

    Developer Wonderland Kazakiri (BQM – BlockQuest Maker) confirms that Dungeon & Gravestone will be coming digitally for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Switch on April 23rd.

    Game Details as shown on the official website and features as shared on handheldplayers:

    Death and resurrection, death and resurrection.
    Rogue-like RPG where one dies over and over again. Generated dungeons are full of difficult traps and puzzles. Finally, find out what lies beyond the deep dungeon…


    • Easy to use editor
      Link system enabling players creativity
    • Friend Box
      Exchange private dungeons with nearby friends; save up to 100 dungeons
    • Challenge mode with 120 dungeons
      Already built-in dungeons to enjoy. Puzzle, action – various types of dungeons already installed in BQM
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