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    RIPOUT Tears Out Of Early Access On Steam

    3D Realms and Pet Project Games officially launch RIPOUT, the co-op sci-fi horror FPS, out of early access on Steam now for $19.99 after a 20% launch discount lasting until Tuesday, June 4th.

    Explore abandoned spaceships filled with genetically engineered bioweapons created to fend off alien invaders that have instead turned on their own creators.

    Tackle these mutant monstrosities alone or with a squad of up to three players, tearing through enemies as you search for Sanctuary, the last bastion of humanity.

    RIPOUT’s 1.0 release includes new levels and the brand-new Kill Zone objective type, as well as a variety of balancing and quality-of-life updates.

    New 1.0 Features

    • Eight new levels to explore
    • New Objective Type – Kill Zone: Players must eliminate a specific number of enemies at a certain section of the level
    • Improved balancing for enemy health and damage based on player count and sector progress
    • Quality-of-life updates, including sensitivity settings for keyboard and controller, the ability to toggle ADS, and more
    • Cloud saves

    In RIPOUT, you’ll encounter monstrous creatures abandoned in starships by their human creators. Traverse through claustrophobic corridors, encountering mutants that can reconfigure themselves by attaching smaller mutants to their bodies. Fight to preserve mankind and protect our species from being consumed by the sentient Cell.

    Equip multiple weapons, including the trusty Pet Gun, to aid in your fight for survival as you unravel the fate of humanity. Will you find Sanctuary in time – or will you perish alongside the rest of Earth’s inhabitants?

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