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    Rainbow Six Esports | Rising Tides, Episode 1: A Dive Into The APAC League With Local Talents

    Ubisoft has released a video to bring a spotlight to the Rainbox Six Esport scene in APAC League. It highlights the local talents around the APAC region sharing their passion for the sport.

    Here is the press release by Ubisoft:

    The Asia-Pacific region is known for its unique style in Rainbow Six Esports, and for a passion that bonds each member of the region together. Let’s hear from the closest witnesses to the very best APAC has to offer in Rainbow Six Esports:
    – GG Newii from Thailand
    – KvN from the SEA region
    – Okayama from Japan
    – Shin Il from South Korea
    – Jess from Australia
    – Devmarta from Australia
    Tune in on to watch the next playday of the APAC League North Division on June 23rd, 5:30PM UTC +8
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