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    Rack n’ Ruin Will bring the apocalypse into Nintendo Switch this March 12th

    Create chaos and destruction in the isometric action-adventure game Rack n’ Ruin by Secret Item Games will be available on Nintendo Switch this March 12th.

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    Rack n’ Ruin is a top-down action-adventure game with arcade shooter gameplay elements added to the mix! Use 4 core elemental weapons to battle various foes standing on your path of destruction and mayhem. Cast spells to blast your way through the forces of good and blasting will be glorious as there are 24 spells that you can cast on your enemies!

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    Get creative and mischievous! Explore, destroy and collect the souls of friendly and unsuspecting people. But watch out! If you reap chaos, you will eventually end up standing against powerful enemies – including the towering bosses!

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    • Burn through hordes of foes with 4 core elemental weapons.
    • Unleash death with an array of 24 spells, items, and contraptions.
    • Interactive items that allow the player to create unique item interactions based on the elemental weapon type.
    • Weave through complex bullet patterns while smiting titanic bosses and over 30 unique enemies.
    • Explore an enchanted benevolent world, and then transform it into a nightmarish image of its former self.
    • Ransack castles, pillage dungeons, escape prisons, navigate gloomy caves, and awaken ancient evils.
    • Meet a charming cast of townsfolk, and collect their souls.
    • Unravel devious puzzles, and scour the land for over 100 secrets.
    • And, of course, destroy the world.

    Rack n’ Ruin will be available at Nintendo eShop on March 13th for USD 12.99 (approx MYR 55). For those who pre-order, the game can get a 23% discount.

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