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    Pull A Heist In This Story-Driven Robbery Simulator, Gone Rogue

    Askalot Games shows more gameplay mechanics and elements via the eight-minute gameplay demo video below for Gone Rogue. Offering a top-down stealthy approach to evade the guard’s peripheral vision, lurk back into the shadows, slip in unnoticed, open locked doors and steal away rich loots in this grim world of the 1930s alternative Europe. Gone rogue will be sneaking your way into Spring 2022 release.

    Here’s a shorter announcement trailer

    Game details as shared on Steam:

    Put yourself in the position of a thief from the slums, with your dextrous fingers – your skills will consist of cunning, attentiveness, and planning, and your motivation is silent disobedience to the will of the ruling party. Stealing is not just for money and valuables but helping many in need, and it is in your hands to help them.

    Commit the perfect robbery

    Get ready for a robbery – interrogate informants, choose the most suitable tools and combine skills. When darkness falls, you can go on the case. Plan your moves intelligently and look for the right way to penetrate the ingenious defense systems. This is the only way to achieve all your goals. But be careful – the city actively reacts to all your actions and doesn’t forgive any mistakes.

    Develop your skills

    Choose your style of play – the development of your character’s skills depends only on your actions. Unlock over 50 skills and specializations (especially strong game-changing skills) and go from a simple street pickpocket to a real master thief.

    The grim game world

    Who better than a thief to observe the secret life of this vicious society. Explore the city streets, find secret rooms and eavesdrop on other people’s conversations. Every house and every corner bears the imprint of a story, revealed through satire and black humor.

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