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    Pocky & Rocky Reshrined Teaser Trailer

    Publisher Natsume and developer Natsume Atari recently revealed Pocky & Rocky Reshrined in a teaser trailer. The game is coming for the PlayStation 4 and Switch this Fall.

    Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is a multi-directional scrolling shooter in the classic 16-bit
    style with improved graphics, sound, and fun! The adventures of Pocky and Rocky
    begin again! It’s the third installment in the original shrine maiden shooting series. The
    new game is being developed by the original development team, Tengo Project.

    Pocky & Rocky follows the adventures of a young Shinto shrine maiden named Pocky
    and her companion, Rocky the raccoon, as they attempt to save a group of creatures
    known as the Nopino Goblins. Gameplay takes place from a top-down perspective and
    features both single-player and cooperative modes.

    Pocky & Rocky Reshrined is a sequel to Pocky & Rocky, known in Japan as the action-shooting game series Kiki Kaikai, which first appeared as an arcade game from TAITO
    Corporation in 1986 and is being developed under license from TAITO Corporation.

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