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    Zanki Zero: Last Beginning – Gameplay Trailer

    Zanki Zero: Last Beginning is developed & published by Spike Chunsoft. The game features a post-apocalyptic world in which you’re one of the last eight survivors of humanity.



    About the Game

    Fight for survival in real-time battles to unearth the truth of your newly cloned bodies in Zanki Zero: Last Beginning, the latest RPG from the creators of the Danganronpa series. The latest gameplay trailer shows you how to survive as the last 8 survivors of humanity!

    • Play from the POV of one of eight protagonists in each chapter and explore the dungeons, towers, and islands to uncover the deadly sins of the protagonists’ pasts.
    • Hunt for materials & food while fending off monsters in real-time battle environments; but don’t forget to eat, sleep, & go to the bathroom (seriously, it’s bad for your health & fatal for your party).
    • With every life cycle lasting only 13 days, each clone’s stats, abilities, and capabilities differ as they grow from youths to old age.
    • Depending on how you die, you can even earn bonus upgrades for your next life cycle. Take advantage of each life to the fullest.
    • The game features original Japanese and English voices and English subtitles.


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