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    Shakedown Hawaii : Launching in Q1 2019

    Shakedown: Hawaii has just released its overview trailer portraying the world, gameplay, empire, customization and it’s characters. Check out the trailer below:



    Welcome to a 16-bit world corporation…

    This game follows an aging CEO, coping with the new age trends from online shopping affecting his retail business, online taxi to his taxi, and video streaming to his video rental stores. Coping with the modern world does not mean legitimate means, all for his own empire. Learning the right business model is combining open world elements with 16-bit goodness while building your empire of monopolizing, sabotaging and rezoning lands.


    Did I mention 16-bit AND destructible?

    Open world and destructible from city to the suburbs all the way to parks, farms, and jungle. All yours to handle with weapons access. Anything that’s destroyed, remains destroyed until you respawn.


    Game Features:

    • Vehicles from car, boat or by foot
    • Vehicles can be repaired, repainted and upgraded with a boost
    • Park your vehicles into the garage as means of saving (sounds vividly familiar)
    • 200 buildings to enter with secret areas
    • 80 stores to shakedown for those extra fees* in any means necessary but be prepared to fight back
    • Customize your character with clothing stores, barber and market stalls to your liking
    • Get surgery knee to gain double jump!
    • Multiple game modes from Story mode, Arcade and Free Roam mode for just casual fun

    Developer Vblank Entertainment announced its launching in quarter one of 2019 (estimated between January- March) for current Gen consoles PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, 3DS and PC.

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