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    Oddworld: Soulstorm – Teaser Gameplay Trailer and Screenshots

    As released on our Facebook page, the sudden drop of the teased gameplay trailer for Oddworld: Soulstorm by developer Oddworld Inhabitants seems to not only have hyped up the fans but also crank up the gameplay that focused not only on stealth but also aggressively attacking foes as well.


    It’s back to the brewery

    Abe’s back in another escape attempt, not from Rupture’s Farm but brewing up another storm against the addictive SoulStorm Brew which excavates bones and Mudokon’s (Abe’s species) tears as its main recipe.

    A few features were presented in this teaser trailer:

    • Approach either using stealth or aggressively chaotic such as your Mudokon mates throwing bombs at your foes or incinerate your foes with flame thrower weapons
    • Multi-layered environment and scoping your targets from afar (not sure if it’s a sniping based weapon or binoculars at this moment)
    • Ammo has certain unique traits
    • Gameplay may suggest 12 to 15 hours while completionist may take up to 100 hours, according to Oddworld Inhabitants co-founder Lorne Lanning

    This game will be brewing up a storm for consoles and PC by a 2020 release.

    Screenshots below:


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