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    PlayStation VR: Train as a Viking with Viking Days

    How long can you survive the Viking’s routine? This question shall be answered with the ultimate Viking Days simulator developed by VRMonkey.

    Rundown and features taken from Steam and PlayStation:

    Viking Days put the “reality” in “Virtual Reality” to show, through 10 minigames, the domestic life of the fine upstanding Viking. Each mini-game showing clear instructions to the player, and making use of the VR motion controls in different ways for them to interact with the game world. At each starting game, a random selection of minigames is sorted for the player. As they progress, more minigames are added to the tier and the minigames that repeat get increasingly tougher. After every win, the game will show the player their current winning streak. The challenge here is to overpass the player’s own high-score. How many days can they survive being a Viking? Forge swords, drink lots of mead, throwing axes on targets, hunt for dragons, guide Viking ships, cross windy mountains, shield yourself from arrows and more! Live the good old Viking days!


    • Forge Swords
    • Drink Beer
    • Target Practice
    • Defend from Arrows
    • Run from Giants
    • Face the Dragon
    • Cross Bridges
    • Sharp the Axe
    • Keep the Rhythm
    • Burn Ships

    Out now on PlayStation.

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