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    Kingdom Gun a 2D Roguelite Shooter Kickstarter Launch Trailer

    Indie developer Incredible Two Studios starts a Kickstarter campaign promotion for their 2D Roguelite Shooter called Kingdom Gun. The game is confirmed to be on PC with a Steam page with unannounced consoles at a later date.


    Gameplay details as shared on Kickstarter and Steam:

    You are sent by The Kingdom to explore and conquer a recently discovered continent. Your reason for exploring the continent depends on the character you choose! Loot, glory, conquest, vengeance, or just for fun! Every run is different! Permanent death and item randomization! Every run allows for endless progression. Play Online with friends or solo!

    Players battle through levels to collect and unlock different guns, items, and pets to make their character stronger. There are over 150 guns, items, and pets to unlock! Your goal is to find the key to unlock the teleporter to progress through each level. Guns, item, and pets are completely random each run!

    Kingdom Gun’s final version will feature single-player and online co-op! Play solo or with friends to unlock up to 6 unique characters and 150+ guns, items, and pets!

    You are tasked with exploring an unknown continent by The Kingdom. Based on the character you select the reason for being on the continent changes! Conquest, power, knowledge, vengeance, and more!

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