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    Paradox Interactive Announces Life By You, A Game Where You Create A Dream Life

    Paradox Interactive revealed more details about Life by You, created to be the most moddable and open life simulator from the Berkeley, CA-based Paradox Tectonic. In Life by You, players will create humans and live out their lives without loading screens. Paradox Tectonic is led by Rod Humble, a games industry veteran known for his pioneering work on the life simulation genre. Life by You will be available in Early Access on September 12th, eager players can pre-order today on the Epic Games Store for a suggested retail price of 39.99 USD / 39.99 EUR / 34.99 GBP, and the wishlist will also be available on Steam.

    Life by You allows players to design and live out the lives of the humans that they create in an open game world where everything is customizable. Players create their households, build their homes and tell life’s many stories. With real language conversation and the ability to switch from third-person to direct control gameplay, players will connect with their humans on an emotional level. A wide variety of Creator Tools and Editors will allow players to tweak every aspect of their experience, giving them the ability to live life to the fullest – or break the rules, as they see fit.

    Life by You evolves the life simulation genre with modern style, real language conversation, and unprecedented freedom of expression – The game’s extensive customization tools allow for unparalleled levels of storytelling, and I can’t wait to see what creations players come up with once they dive into Early Access this summer.

    Rod Humble – General Manager at Paradox Tectonic

    Life by You is developed by Paradox Tectonic, a game development studio formed in 2019 by Paradox Interactive. Paradox Tectonic is led by Rod Humble, and made up of veteran game development talent dedicated to building games that enable creativity, freedom, emotion, and sharing. The studio is committed to working with the players, making Life by You’s Early Access a shared experience where the community’s feedback will impact on priorities, content ideas, and development as the team brings the game to full launch.

    Life by You Key Features:

    • Play in an open world: Live life with no loading screens. Strike up real-language conversations. Drive or bike to the countryside. Discover and complete quests to unlock new experiences.
    • Expand your creativity: Make your own in-game content through mods. Utilize a variety of deep Creator Tools. Change the gameplay anytime. Life is yours to make.
    • Take direct control: Drag and drop your humans into their place – or drive them directly in third-person mode. Live the life of one or tell the stories of many. Climb a career ladder. Fall in love. Raise a family.
    • Tell stories through conversations: Every real-language conversation is generated based on your human’s unique situation. You can even craft your own conversations in-game.
    • Design your own world: Build your humans’ dream homes or businesses from scratch. Furnish them from top to bottom, inside to outside. Drag, demolish, and rearrange entire towns.
    • Create fully customized humans: Design your families in the Human Creator, including deep personality and character traits. Style and restyle your humans at any time.
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