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    “Palworld” Reveals Early Access Release Date Announcement Trailer

    Pocketpair reveals that the upcoming ‘Pokemon Shooter’ game titled Palworld will be coming to Steam via PC as Early Access on January 19th, 2024.

    They will also post shorts, gameplay, and tutorials on socials such as YouTube and Twitter, so please look forward to that content.

    Palworld Early Access Launch FAQ as shared on Steam:

    [When will Palworld releasing?]

    Palworld launches worldwide into early access on January 19th, 00:00 PST.

    [How much will Palworld cost?]

    Palworld will cost $29.99 during early access. This price will vary depending on your regional currency.

    [Will new Pals and areas be added to Palworld?]

    Yes! Palworld will continue to be updated during and after early access. They will share a roadmap of their year 1 plan shortly after release.

    [Is there PvP in Palworld?]

    PvP will not be supported at the initial release. However, they are currently testing PvP internally and experimenting with different approaches. They want to find the right type of PvP that fits Palworld and when it is ready, they will share news with you all.

    [Is Palworld on Xbox Game Pass for PC?]

    Yes! Palworld is on the Xbox Game Pass and the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

    [Does Palworld support crossplay between Xbox and Steam?]

    Not at launch, but they are working to make this a possibility as soon as possible

    [Will Palworld be coming to PS5?]

    They don’t have plans for this at the moment but will consider it during development.

    [Will Palworld support more languages?]

    They don’t have any plans to add more languages for the initial release, but they would like to support more as they continue to develop the game.

    [Does Palworld support controllers on PC?]


    [Can Palworld be played offline and single-player?]

    Yes. You can play Palworld by yourself offline or with your friends online.

    [How does multiplayer work in Palworld?]

    You can play Palworld with up to 3 friends by simply starting a multiplayer game and inviting them (4-player co-op). Beyond this, you can create a dedicated server, which will allow for up to 32 players to play in the same world and create guilds together. They will provide the tools to create these servers yourself at launch.

    [Can I use my single-player character in multiplayer too?]

    At the moment, partially yes. Your character is bound to your world and is not shared across servers or single-player.
    However, if you are the host of a co-op game then you can switch between single-player or multiplayer freely, but your guests will not be able to do this.
    They plan to provide a server/save transfer method later on during development.

    [Does Palworld support modding? Steam Workshop?]

    Steam Workshop support won’t be supported straight away but they plan to add it after launch. Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5 and they look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with.

    [Is this game a scam? Or is it a money-making MMO or virtual currency game?]

    It is not a scam and will definitely be released on January 19th. PalWorld is a typical Steam game, you buy it once and it is yours forever. While they may consider expansions after the full release, that is a conversation they will all have together, as a community, when the time comes


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