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    Oninaki introducing both Daemons named Wil and Zaav

    A game about the afterlife, Oninaki comes from developer Tokyo RPG Factory and publisher Square Enix teaming up to bring new life to both Daemons named Wil (voiced by Tsubasa Yonaga) and Zaav (by Kenji Akabane) in a new trailer’s below:

    Meet Wil, a cheerful Daemon

    Although cheerful, his past dealings make it difficult to learn trust in others again. These emotional barriers bear fruits in his skills of stern blocking defences using his large axe while at the same time offering more offensive power.

    And meet Zaav, with a strong sense of justice

    Harboring regrets and hatred, Zaav still pierces his foes with a strong sense of justice for even in death, he still feels life evident inside of him. Wielding a spear, he charges and leaps from the sky down to his foes, not even once flinch from their hits.

    Oninaki has been confirmed digitally for PlayStation 4, PC via Steam and Switch on August 22, 2019.

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