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    New Reveal For Tekken 8 Highlights Returning Fighter And The Game’s New “Aggressive” Combat System

    Bandai Namco Entertainment has released two videos highlighting new content in TEKKEN 8, the next title in the legendary fighting game franchise coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. An all-new trailer reveals that Nina Williams, the silent assassin who first appeared in the original TEKKEN, is blasting her way back onto the roster in the upcoming game. The company also released a developer video showcasing new gameplay elements that are bringing an “aggressive” style of play to the series.

    Nina Williams is bringing back her smooth and deadly fighting style inspired by various martial arts. As a trained assassin, she’s also armed with weapons to help defeat her foes in style. For TEKKEN 8, the development team has completely reworked Nina’s character model for new-generation game platforms. Her moves and techniques are also enhanced, including introducing new abilities to fit with the philosophy of “aggressiveness” in the game’s new combat system. Nina Williams joins previously announced characters in TEKKEN 8 that include Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, Jun Kazama, Paul Phoenix, Marshall Law, King, Jack-8, and Lars Alexandersson.

    The TEKKEN 8 developer video features Katsuhiro Harada, executive director of TEKKEN Project, and Kohei Ikeda (Nakatsu), chief director of TEKKEN Project, as they detail the different elements that make up this “aggressive” gameplay philosophy. The video provides the deepest look yet at thrilling enhancements to the combat system which promise to add new depth, weight, and atmosphere to TEKKEN’s signature battles.

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