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    New DEATHLOOP Game Update Brings Photomode And Numerous Accessibility Features

    Game Update 3 for DEATHLOOP, Arkane Lyon’s time loop shooter, nominated for nearly 350 awards has been released. The update brings with it the all-new Photomode as well as a number of requested accessibility options.

    Check out the full patch notes for Game Update 3 here, and read on for highlights on Photo Mode and the new accessibility options, with insights from members of the team at Arkane Lyon.


    DEATHLOOP’s Photomode features a wide array of camera customisations to help players capture the perfect moments on their journey through the beautifully crafted environments of Blackreef. The update also adds a new, dedicated accessibility category to the options menu, including many new features such as:

    • Gameplay settings to increase or decrease combat difficulty, reprise number, and game speed
    • HUD and UI customisation options
    • Improved menu navigation

    For a more detailed look at the accessibility options available in DEATHLOOP‘s latest update, check out this article here.

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