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    Neko Ghost, Jump! Teaser Trailer arrives!

    Developer Burgos Games is an indie developer from Beaufort SC, USA. They are releasing a game called Neko Ghost, Jump! which is a 2D/3D puzzle-platforming Time Attack Hybrid.

    Here are some details of the game from the developer’s website.


    Neko Ghost, Jump! is a Puzzle-Platforming Time Attack hybrid with engaging gameplay, great art and catchy music! Take control of Nekoman as he runs, jumps and fights his way through various environments to find his friends and loved ones that have been taken away by the Ghost Pirate Dog Boss and his minions. Each level has a leaderboard that players can try their best to outdo others or if they are the slow type, they can just collect as many coins as possible and find their friends that have fallen off the ship.

    – Switch between 2D and 3D perspectives to get through each level
    – Top your friends’ (or strangers’) scores with the leaderboards for each level
    – Dress up your Nekoman character however you want with the Wardrobe at your home (as long as you have enough currency!)
    Here is the teaser trailer of the game from their official twitter.

    Neko Ghost, Jump ! is planned for release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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