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    My Little Studio Announces A New Adventure Horror Game Beyond The Darkness

    Independent team My Little Studio is excited to announce that their debut project Beyond The Darkness will be released in 2024. The new adventure horror tale is about a little girl named Milly, lost in a world of vivid memories.

    Now in order to survive you will need to help her conquer all the fears and find her parents, but it won’t be easy. Maintain your lamp’s light, use it to fight evil spirits, hiding in the dark and unlock doors to navigate the eerie realm.

    Uncover the truth and help Milly restore memories.

    • Have faith in the light you carry
      Milly must manage her lamp’s light to survive and progress on her scary adventure while learning new mechanics on each new level. Light is her shield and weapon, helping her unlock doors, charge silhouettes and guide her way out of the darkness.
    • Enemies from your nightmares
      Encounter various types of enemies. Each of them requires a certain approach and a unique strategy. Some can be defeated using the lamp, but at the cost of precious light energy, while others must be evaded and outsmarted.
    • Reveal the truth
      Embark on a quest to uncover Milly’s mysterious past and help her to find her lost parents by inspecting the environment and interacting with different objects.

    Millie’s world is filled with darkness, fear and monsters, and the only thing she has is a lamp given to her by her mother. Solve puzzles and master new mechanics on this creepy adventure.

    Beyond The Darkness is planned to be released on Steam in 2024. Add the game to your Wishlist and stay tuned for the upcoming news.


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